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The Basics: Independence

Ed Noonan declared independence when he founded Contravisory in 1972. As we move closer to celebrating our 50th year in business we have maintained our independence while developing into a holistic wealth manager.

The Basics: Custody

If you were to “Google” the actor Chris Evans you will quickly learn that he stars as Captain America in a number of superhero movies. If you look to see what other movies he has been in you will come across a film called “Gifted”. Without spoiling the movie, Chris plays the uncle of a little girl and ends up in a custody fight with her grandmother. We have all heard of, or perhaps been part of a custody situation. The question always seems to be: “Who gets the kids?” The movie brings to the fore another very important question: “Who has control of the kids?”

The Basics: My Account

I remember when my mom took me to the bank to open my very first checking account. I signed a couple of things and a few days later my very own checks arrived in the mail. Mom dutifully showed me how to complete the check register and reconcile my account to the bank statement every month. I recall saying to my mom: “My check register tells me what I think I have in the account and the bank statement tells me what I actually have in the account. Any differences I should find out what they are right away.” A basic financial lesson learned.

During my eighty-seven years, I have witnessed a whole succession of technological revolutions. But none of them has done away with the need for character in the individual or the ability to think.”

– Bernard Baruch