Five decades of building relationships.

Contravisory is a SEC registered investment advisory firm founded by G. Edward Noonan. Before starting Contravisory, Ed had served in a number of investment firms as a bond and equity research analyst, including Fidelity Investments. It was there that he met Hays Ray, a widely recognized leader in investment research. His research became the foundation for the methodology that Ed would ultimately use to start Contravisory.

In the early 80’s, Contravisory started to apply that quantitative / technical approach to the management of a select number of individual portfolios, using it to inform and supplement traditional research disciplines. During the 90’s Ed’s two sons, Bill and Phil, joined the company, each coming with proven track records from roles at other investment companies. Recognizing the success of the buy and sell recommendations formulated by its equity research and validated real-time through multiple market cycles, the firm’s strategic plan shifted to emphasize asset management growth. Ed retired in 2006, with Bill taking over as President and CEO, and Phil as Chief Operating Officer.

Today, Contravisory serves clients of all types, from high-net worth individuals and families, to large corporations and institutions. Our performance has been consistent and strong, and our personal approach has built lasting relationships spanning decades.