October 2019

Dave Canal
October 15, 2019

The word, unimaginable, has a fearful connotation.   It describes something we cannot comprehend because we have not experienced it before.  This is the reality of a subzero interest rate environment.  There is now 17 trillion dollars in sovereign debt paying a negative interest rate.  Why would anyone want to purchase a bond...

October 05, 2019

Companies may offer early retirement for any number of reasons. No matter what their agenda is, whether it’s to downsize or restructure, your concern should always be whether or not it’s a good idea for you. 

Early retirement packages may look very attractive on the surface, but some implications will affect your...


Do we have the capability to eliminate booms and busts in economic activity? The answer in my judgment is no, because there is no tool to change human nature. Too often people are prone to recurring bouts of optimism and pessimism.

– Alan Greenspan