June 2019

Matthew Sullivan
June 26, 2019

Ed Noonan declared independence when he founded Contravisory in 1972. As we move closer to celebrating our 50th year in business we have maintained our independence while developing into a holistic wealth manager.

There are so many different paths an investment business can take to grow, develop, and adapt to service clients....

Dave Canal
June 13, 2019

Most of us think of the stock market as a monolithic entity.  I don’t.  I believe it has an internal structure of three categories each based on the size and history of the companies.   Or sometimes, it’s just the nature of the business.   Each segment has its own investment advocates.  

The first segment is based on the historic reason...


So long as predictions remain popular, and are so numerous as they are today – and so long as they receive notoriety through repetition in the press and on the radio – contrary opinions will increase in importance as thinking aids. “

– Humphrey Neil