The Basics: Independence
Matthew Sullivan
June 26, 2019

Ed Noonan declared independence when he founded Contravisory in 1972. As we move closer to celebrating our 50th year in business we have maintained our independence while developing into a holistic wealth manager.

There are so many different paths an investment business can take to grow, develop, and adapt to service clients. Some of the most complex needs are best addressed with a straightforward business model. I’m sure we have all seen some financial, legal, accounting, or estate planning literature at some point that has extensive disclosures and other “fine print”. It is of course important to read and understand what the “fine print” says.  By maintaining our independence, the government required disclosures that Contravisory provides are concise and to the point. In contrast, a company that has an affiliation with another company, such as a broker-dealer, is required to provide more disclosures detailing the affiliation as well as any financial arrangements between them.

We address all of your wealth management needs either directly (investment research and/or investment management) or by connecting you with subject experts at other companies who specialize in the needed area. Should we introduce an outside expert, our “fine print” is simple: no affiliation or financial arrangement of any kind exists. We will remain a main contact point for coordination purposes and our incentive is simply to provide you the highest level of client service possible.

Whether your investment needs are straight forward or complex, the best advice you receive will come from an independent provider…like Contravisory.

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